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Escape to The Ritual Ubud when visiting Bali and meet our therapist Sri for a healing massage. More than 10 years of experience working and teaching in five star hotels at The Maldives, Middle East and Indonesia at your service.


If you are spending your holidays at the Island of the Gods, taking tours and having long walks, it’s even more important that you take your time to relax and reset your mind.


Relieve your stress, reduce muscle tension and anxiety and improve your sleep. Our massage center offers different body treatments and it is ready to welcome you.

Sri, therapist.

Available Foot & Body Treatments

Our most relaxing massage, it is combination of stretching, long stroke, skin rolling, thumb and palm pressure techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease the stress and calm the mind. It can also help to improve the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous system.

· 60 minutes: Rp.190.000 (14$USD)

· 90 minutes: Rp.250.000 (18$USD) 


This deep tissue sport massage is an effective way to assist with muscle relaxation, it’s designed to increase flexibility, relieve tightness, and improve circulation.

· 60 minutes: Rp.200.000 (14$USD)

· 90 minutes: Rp.260.000 (18$USD)  

This therapeutic and energizing treatment is designed to relieve stiffness and soreness of muscles tension and restore the energy balance. The heat helps to relax the muscles and has soothing effects on your emotions.

· 90 minutes: Rp.285.000 (20$USD) 

Exotic, rejuvenating and the ultimate subliminal body workout, using no oil, this firm massage aims to relieve tensions, increase vitality and flexibility. It is masterful fusion of Indian Ayurvedic stretching techniques and the Chinese method of deep tissue pressure point massage. The pressure techniques will stimulate blood flow, release toxin, allowing the body to naturally heal itself, while stretching helps to realign the body and restore suppleness.

90 minutes: Rp.260.000 (18$USD)

Fancy foot-work works on the principle that all body organs are connected to reflex points on the feet, via constantly flowing energy channels. Massage of these points aims to improve well-being by restoring the natural flow of body energy.

· 60 minutes: Rp.190.000 (11$USD)

A foot massage based on the ancient principle of Reflexology. Massage on these reflex points can improve the health by restoring the natural flow of the body energy.

· 30 minutes: Rp.75.000 (6$USD)

For those of you on a tight schedule, this short but effective massage will help to relieve tension and stress, allowing you to return to your day feeling relaxed and revitalized. It focuses on the shoulder, back and neck to loosen and relax the muscles that carry the stress of everyday living. Firm pressure help to ease any muscle stress from exercise or repetitive activities.

· 30 minutes: Rp.95.000 (7$USD)


*Hotel pick up service in Ubud area is available with an additional cost.

**All prices include taxes and must be paid in Indonesian Rupiah. (Prices in USD are approximate)

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